Judi Paparelli: Writer.

Commentary. News.

Judi Paparelli writes commentary for local, state, national and international publications. 

An award-winning radio news writer, she is known for her accuracy and inventive use of audio within newscasts. Recognized by NASA for her innovative incorporation of live ground control-to-spacecraft communication while anchoring the news, Judi was, uniquely, granted special permission to have a NASA feed installed in her news booth.

"Adventures of Media Girl" Reporter Diaries.

Judi's reporter diaries -- "Adventures of Media Girl" -- transport readers into venues of all types. She documents, in vivid detail, news stories and events, including her own experience of carrying the Olympic Torch for the City of Boston.

Copywriting. Poetry.

An accomplished copywriter, Judi has created and voiced advertising and public service campaigns for radio and television.

She writes poetry on a wide variety of topics.  Her poem, "My Encounter with the Office Grapevine," is based on Judi's real-life workplace experience, and serves as a basis for her public speaking engagements dealing with the effects of gossip on workplace productivity and morale. 

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Writing. Commentary. Poetry.

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POEM -- My Encounter with the Office Grapevine -- Judi Paparelli (pdf)


Judi Paparelli -- THE DAY I MET ALEXEI LEONOV IN BOSTON, USA... in tribute to a space legend. (pdf)


COMMENTARY -- Olympic Torch article -- Judi Paparelli (jpeg)


COMMENTARY -- On the passing of John Silber -- Judi Paparelli (pdf)


COMMENTARY -- Adventures of Media Girl at 2004 Democratic National Convention -- Judi Paparelli (pdf)


POEM -- Cottage By The Sea -- Judi Paparelli (pdf)