Judi Paparelli: Speaker.


The Sad, Confused, Disgraced State of Journalism... and how to fix it.

There is very little fact-based news.

There are astoundingly few actual reporters.

Rather than reporting news, correspondents deliver non-stop commentary, while violating every journalistic boundary... without repercussion. 

Radio and television veteran Judi Paparelli takes on the sorry state of journalism, providing compelling examples and clear, direct methods for restoring honor to a justifiably-mistrusted, severely-diminished profession.

Gossip in The Workplace... and how to eliminate it.

Whether dealing with the prevalence of national security leaking in Washington... or the issue of widespread gossiping and bullying in the workplace... the causes and remedies are exactly the same.

Judi Paparelli spent several years researching the effects of gossip on morale and productivity -- by working in a variety of offices -- in order to observe and experience the phenomenon from the inside.

Her poem, "My Encounter With the Office Grapevine," is based on actual experience... and serves as a conduit for fascinating discourse. (View poem on Writer page.)

Judi offers powerful, real-life anecdotes and a pragmatic solution -- the Paparelli Plan -- for shutting down the workplace grapevine, and driving up performance levels and productivity.



A popular radio guest, Judi offers commentary on a variety of topics, including media and workplace issues.

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